Real-time map FAQ

Q: What information is available on the real-time map?
A: The map will show stops and routing for the YRT/Viva system as well as real-time vehicle locations. Real-time bus arrival information will also display where available.

Q: Why do some buses disappear and reappear?
A: Due to various technical reasons, buses may occasionally disappear off the map because they are unable to provide their current position. The buses will reappear when they are able to provide their position again.

Q: Why are there some routes without any buses showing?
A: Some routes only operate during certain times of the day. If you click on any of the stops on the map, you will see the next scheduled arrival time(s) for that stop.

Q: How often does the real-time data refresh?
A: The real-time data is refreshed approximately every 30 seconds.

Q: Why do multiple stops for the bus icon show arrival times as “Approaching”?
A: If a bus is scheduled to be at a location in less than one minute it will be marked as “Approaching”. Sometimes the bus will be scheduled to arrive at the next three stops in less than a minute so all of these stops will show as “Approaching”.

Q: How do I show/hide information on the map?
A: You can show or hide information on the map using the icons in the “Legend” pane at the bottom right.

Q: What information is used to populate upcoming arrival times for a given stop?
A: Real-time information is used if available for a bus approaching that stop, otherwise schedules are used to determine the next time. These times are approximate.

Q: Where can I get additional fare media agent information?
A: You can get detailed fare media agent information by using the Where to Buy [Link to Where to buy] section of our website. You can also click on the “more info” link within the information bubble on the map.